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You MEN! Sometimes how rudely you DO treat the woman who loves you, Even more than yourself! But you won’t understand that your woman is the only treausure of your own and a locked box that nobody can open it but you. She is the only person who is ready to ignore all her FOND OF s and accept all her NO s and NEVER s and bear all your caprice without complaining, depicting a real self-sacrifice. Damn it all, all are just for your LOVE and CARE! A woman can lengthen her MINI s, cancel her meetigs with other males and friends because of your wish or jealousy, change her eating, sleeping, working times to create conveniency for meeting with you, and change her wearing, speaking and even walking style and character also, just because of your being unsattisfied with her! And you GUYS? Can you do just very little selflessnes for us? Would you break off some habits that your woman doesn’t like? Of course NOT! You won’t change your orange T-shirt or the white disgusting stocks that your girl hates it, or you cannot cancel tomorrow’s meeting with close friends and goings to the cafes or sea with pals, even if your partner wants to see you and go to the cinema! You will never change your brute character, your careless and unobliging treat even if you know that your behaviour hurts your woman – your little girl! And in the end, the excuse is ready as usual: “Oh..sweety, I am sorry I was busy, counldn’t call you” 😦

But now, guys, this is your turn! Look back and see that if you won’t change, or treat as kind as you saw your “sweety” for the first time, you’ll lose her. Can’t you see that you hurt yourself by hurting her? Snap out of it! If only you realised the women’s value and knew how precious she is..Then you’ll change entirely to regain her! But if your blind eyes need a list showing our power and value, Look here carefully!

1. The persons who give you life on birth..
2. The ones who bring you up, bear all your childish cares and wash your filthy T-shirts dirted after football game
3. The most beautiful and attractive girl at school that you lose yourself when seeing her..your first love!
4. Your lover whom you came across at the cateen of the university
5. The girl you kissed for the first time…with shame and passion
6.The only one in the world that you’ll do everything not to lose her
7.Your pain..your illness..and the only remedy of it!
8.Your friends..the persons you have confident and can easily talk to about the problems in your job.
9. The ones who smooth your pain..just with a tauch, smile, and kiss..just like a first-aid!
10. The power that can make you feel on the top of the world, and at the same time, is able to hit you down!
11. Your everything! Your reason of exestence and manhood! Your women!
And so many things that I could’t say..
So, men, all we need is all you should do..LOVE, RESPECT AND CARE! 


  1. fgumush · · Reply


  2. saol gumu ))

  3. good job. the same concept could be written against women by men 😀 it’s not a thing that you can generalize. yes, there’re some men who treat women way you tell in your post, but it’s not acceptable for all of us 🙂 I believe that you’ve written this based on your own experience 😉

  4. 😀 yeap )) Great thanx Afsun ))

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